Supplier Spotlight - Braveheart Beef

August 15, 2022

We can’t speak for everyone, but we do know that inconsistency within a restaurant can be one of the most frustrating things to experience as a customer! One visit can be top notch where the food is fabulous, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is just right. Yet your next visit can be the exact opposite - the food is somehow not at ALL what you remembered and the overall experience is tainted by the inconsistencies you observe. You don’t go back after that because as much as you love this restaurant, you don’t really want to take the gamble on if it will be a wonderful or completely forgettable meal

Here at Sullivan’s, we understand consistency is VITAL to the success and reputation of a restaurant. And when you dine with us, you expect an excellent meal accompanied by great service. That is why we choose products and suppliers we know deliver CONSISTENT quality, no matter what. Braveheart Foods supplies all of our beef, and they certainly know what quality is and how to achieve it. And we want to assure you that when you order any of our steaks or burgers, you know you’re getting a top-of-the-line product!

Braveheart has spent many hours talking with restaurant owners and chefs about what is MOST important to them when it comes to the beef they sell. According to Braveheart, the chefs “unanimously focused on four critical areas of importance: Taste, Quality, Trim, and Consistency.” They have a unique program called PathProven, which allows them to establish a link between each animal and each cut of meat, confirming that their product is majority Black Angus and the highest percentage in the industry! The PathProven program enables Braveheart to deliver on all four areas of importance when supplying to restaurants and is proud for this to be their standard of excellence. 

All Braveheart Black Angus cattle are raised under the most robust farm-to-fork closed-loop programs in the cattle industry, which focuses on animal welfare, food safety, and sustainability. They follow a slower raising process which delivers premium quality, all of their cattle are sourced within 200 miles of the facility, each are USDA inspected and approved Black Angus, and they are fed a 100% U.S. grain based diet. Braveheart really means it when they say their beef is the best - it is excellence you can taste!

We are proud to serve Braveheart Beef at Sullivan’s and can rest knowing our guests are receiving a superior product that we KNOW they will enjoy and come back for more of! Staff members come and go, menus get updated, and restaurants change, but what will always stay the same here will be our striving for consistent food quality. Now, come enjoy a steak with us 😉

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