Part of Downtown Anderson

January 20, 2023

There are a plethora of values that make Sullivan’s, Sullivan’s! A commitment to serving quality food, a drive to provide outstanding service, and a desire to create lasting memories for our guests are on the forefront of our minds each time we serve the guests that walk through our doors. Being a part of Downtown Anderson is a crucial part of keeping these dreams alive. 

We first became a part of Downtown Anderson in 1999 when the doors to Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill opened. Since this time, we have watched Downtown Anderson grow as new businesses have emerged and the community has expanded to accommodate the ever-growing Anderson area. Sullivan’s has had the privilege of expanding our relationships with the members of this community through catering local events and weddings. Downtown Anderson has appropriately deemed themselves the “Brightest part of the Electric City,” and as a business in this community, we are able to see this bright light come to fruition. Through annual events, like the Soiree and Farm to Table, we are able to work alongside the other members of Downtown Anderson to bring our love of food, hospitality, and community to the Electric City and those who visit! 

If you’re looking for a community of quality restaurants, expansive shopping, and beautiful parks and art, Downtown Anderson is the place for you! Call us today to make a reservation for lunch or dinner during your next visit to the “brightest part of the Electric City.”

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