Fall and Winter Seasonal Menu 2023

October 9, 2023

We are celebrating our one year anniversary of our first seasonal menu here at Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill! This shift in changing our menu with the seasons has brought about a new level of creativity and dedication from our team that we never could have imagined. We would have never tried something like this without such a supportive community. Thank you, Anderson, for making this dream a reality! 


Our seasonal dinner menu is the most exciting dinner change that we have ever had! Embracing bold autumn flavors, like butternut squash, spiced pears, and blistered tomato, these dishes will transform you to a breezy day with leaves falling. On a cooler note, we have utilized lobster cream, brussels, pork belly, and coffee to bring out flavors that feel like you’re in front of a warm Christmas fire. Our chef de cuisine, Vincent Rivera, says that these new items are meant to create a cohesive flavor palette that brings a new and exciting experience to our guests. Try our new appetizers and entrees with a seasonal cocktail, like our Coffee Smoked Old Fashioned or our Apple Cider Moscow Mule. 


If there was any part of our restaurant that needed a much needed update, it’s our lunch menu. Our owner, Bill, wanted our new lunch items to bring a healthier and lighter side to our menu. You’ll find items that are sure to become favorites, like a Farro Salad, Southwestern Bowl, and Gyro. Keeping up with our love for sandwiches, we’ve added a French Dip, Greek Lamb Burger, and Oyster Po Boy. Perhaps the most exciting of all, we are adding a Sweet Potato Fries Poutine to our appetizer list! This change truly would not be possible without the support of our lunch regulars that we love seeing throughout the week! 

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